Malaysia Visa Check Online by Passport Number 2024

Got a Malaysian visa? Be sure to check the visa to avoid fraud. See how to check Malaysia visa online with your passport number.


If you have received a Malaysia Work visa, you should first check whether your visa is valid from the Malaysia Immigration Website (MyIMMS). If you don’t check the visa, you can be cheated and be in danger.

So in this post, I will show you the process of how to check a Malaysia visa for Bangladesh, India or any other country. I hope you find it useful.

How to Check Malaysia Visa Online

To check your Malaysia visa online visit Malaysia visa check e service link. Then enter your Application number and click the “Search” button to check visa status. Moreover, you can check the visa by searching the Company Registration No (example-879428-V) given on the first page of the visa.

Malaysia foreign worker visa check is possible in 3 ways, these are:

  • With passport number;
  • With application number;
  • With company registration number;

Check Malaysia Work Permit Visa Online by Passport Number

To check your Malaysia work permit visa by passport number visit- MyIMMS E Service website. Here, put your passport number. Then select your country name and click the ‘Search’ button. If the information is correct, you will know your name, passport number, and visa status.

This is how you can check MyIMMS visa by passport number. See the image below.

malaysia visa check online by passport number

This website page is written in the Malaysian language so you may not understand. So, write ?lang=en after the website address to view the page in the English language. So, the link should be like the following.

Malaysia Visa Check with Application Number

To check Malaysia work permit visa Visa by Application Number visit the link and enter the correct Application Number and search. You can see your visa information if the visa is ready to collect.

myimms visa check

Malaysia Work Permit Visa Check with Company Registration No

To check Malaysia work permit visa by company registration number and find out the list of all employees. Then you can check the status of your visa by passport number and name from the list.

malaysia visa check e service

You can find Company Registration No on the first page of Visa Documents. You may also contact your Visa agent to know Company Registration No.

How To Check My Malaysia Visa Status Through The Visa Application Centre?

You can check your visa status from the Malaysia Visa Application Center website if you apply through them. Follow these 3 simple steps:

Then, you’ll be able to see the status of your visa.

Malaysia Visa Check through Malaysia VAC

Malaysia e Visa Check Online

First, visit Verify Malaysia eVisa link to check Malaysia eVisa online. Then write your Passport Number and Sticker Number in English. Enter the captcha code in the image in the answer box. Finally, tick the I have obtained my eVISA option and click the Check button.

malaysia e visa check

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Different Meanings of Malaysia Visa Statuses

BARUNEWThe application has been received and is being processed by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Please send the original copy of supporting documents if still do not send that.
LULUSAPPROVEThe application has been approved by the Immigration Department of Malaysia and is ready for Payment and print Stickers. Please make the FOMEMA check-up if still not do so.
TOLAKREJECTThe application has been rejected
BATALCANCELThe application has been canceled
BAYARPAYThe application has been paid and is ready to print Stickers.
CETAKPRINTStickers have been printed and are ready to be collected.
TANGGUHPOSTPONEThe application has been postponed by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.


Can I check my Malaysia visa with only my passport number?

Yes, you can check your Malaysia Visa with your Passport number and Nationality only.

How can I check my visa status by passport number?

To check your Malaysia visa by passport number, visit- and write your passport number. Then select your country name and click on the search button.

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