Online Birth Certificate Check BD 2023

False and wrong birth registration may cause your difficulty in future. Learn how to check your birth certificate online.

online birth certificate check bd

Many of us never check our birth certificate information online if the information is correct or wrong. To face any difficulty in the future, you should check if your birth registration information is correct or not.

Here I have shown how you can check your birth certificate online and download an online verification copy. I have also discussed what you should do if your birth registration number is not 17 digits or digital.

Here I’ll show you how to check if your birth certificate is online and download the online birth certificate.


Online Birth Certificate Check

To check your online birth certificate, visit Now put your 17-digit Birth Registration Number and select your date of birth. Finally, fill in the math captcha and click on the Search button, you can check your birth registration information on the next page.

See the full process below in detail.

Step 1: Visit You can see the following page.

online birth certificate check bd

Step 2: Now put your 17-digit Birte registration number from your Birth certificate. If your registration number is below 15 or 16 digit, you can see how to find 17 digit birth registration number.


Step 3: Select your date of birth according to your birth certificate.

Step 4: Write the answer to Captcha Question and click the Search button. You can find your birth registration.

online birth certificate check bd

How to make 16 digit Birth Registration number into 17 digit

If your birth registration number is 16 digits, you must update the 16-digit birth certificate to 17 by adding a 0 (zero) before the last 5 digits.

Or, to get an updated 17-digit BRC number, you may go to the union council or municipality office with your handwritten birth registration certificate and request to find out 17 digit birth registration number.


Online Birth Certificate Download

Actually, you can not download the original birth certificate online. You can only download an online verification copy of your birth certificate. To download a birth certificate verification copy, visit and search your information by birth registration number and date of birth. Then save the page as a pdf.

But this document will not be a regular Birth Certificate that requires an official seal and signature.

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