What to Do if Your Birth Registration Data is not Found Online

Your handwritten or printed birth registration data is not found online? Don’t worry, here I’m going to tell what the reason is and how to solve “No Record Found” problem of Birth registration.

Read the entire blog carefully to know the details about what to do if birth registration is not online and how to get your Birth Registration data online.

Birth Registration Data is not Found Online

At present old or handwritten registration certificate is no longer used for any purpose. So your birth registration information must be online. That means birth registration must be digital or be found online.

How to find out if your birth registration is online – Birth registration verification

What to Do if Birth Registration is not Online

If you do not find your birth registration data online, there may be for 2 reasons. The first reason may be your 17 digit birth registration number is wrong. The 2nd reason may be your birth data was not uploaded to online database wrongly by Registrar Office.

So, first make sure that you have correct 17 digit birth reg. number. If you have 16 digit you can change it to 17 digit by adding a zero (0) after first 11 digit.

If you don’t find your birth certificate information online anyhow, contact the registrar office. Ask them to find your registration information searching by name or address. Hope you can find you information there.

If your information was also not found in Registrar office, be sure your birth data was not uploaded online. Then you must apply online for a new birth registration. There is no other way.

Why your birth registration information was not available online

In the past, our information was handwritten and stored in the register books of Union Parishads and Municipalities. After that the Bangladesh government decided to make this register online.

In order to upload birth registration information online, this handwritten information is taken online manually. Then, someone’s information may be omitted by mistake.

That way, your information may be omitted. So your information is not available online despite having your birth registration information.

How to Get Birth Registration Data Online | Application for new birth registration

If you were born in 2001 or later, your parent’s birth registration must be online to apply for your birth registration.

Because in this case their registration number has to be applied and their name will be added to your application automatically according to their registration.

So before you apply, make sure that your parents are registered online. Check if birth registration is online- Birth registration verification

If you were born in the year 2000 or earlier, it is not mandatory for your parents to have birth registration. In this case, you can write the name of the parents at the time of application.

The full tutorial on how to apply for new birth registration online is at the link below

Rules for filling birth registration form online

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