How to Apply for E-Passport Online Easily : A-Z Guide

Do you need a Passport in Bangladesh? Here is a guide how to apply for a new passport and what documents you need for the passport.


Bangladesh is the first country in South Asia to launch E-Passport. Finally, e-passport is now available in almost every Regional Passport Office (RPO). Now you can easily fill the e-passport application form online.

How to Apply for Passport Online

To apply for a passport visit and click on Apply Online link. Select your district and police station and register with your email. After email verification, submit an application. Go to the bank and pay the passport fee then submit all your papers and biometric information at Passport Office.


Necessary Documents for Passport Application

  • Application Summary;
  • Online Registration Form;
  • National Identity Card / Online Birth Registration Certificate;
  • Copy of Address Proof/ Utility Bill (if applicable);
  • Photocopy of previous passport and original passport (if applicable);
  • Copy of National Identity Card of parents (mandatory for children);
  • Photocopy of professional certificate or employment ID card (in case of the profession – eg doctor, engineer, accountant, lawyer);
  • Citizenship Certificate/Chairman’s Certificate (Applicable for the first time).

How to Fill up E-Passport Application Form

First, be confirmed if your district Regional Passport Office is providing an e-passport. See here the list of functional e-passport RPOs. If your RPO is providing an e-passport, you can apply online easily.

You have a few steps for a successful application.

Step 1: Selecting RPO and Police Station

Visit- You will find an interface like below.

how to apply for e passport
how to apply for e passport

Click on Directly to online Application from the first option. Now you will see the following page.


At the beginning, you have to select your District RPO office and Police Station form here. Then click the Continue button.

how to apply for e passport

Step 2: Email Verification

Now, write the correct email address so you can log in and get messages. You will get a verification link in your e-mail and you have to confirm your email address by clicking the link.

So, write the email address correctly. Sometimes it takes 24 hours or more to get the verification link.


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