What is E-Passport of Bangladesh

 Bangladesh has started issuing e-passport to people. I think may be interested to know what an e-passport is. What the differences between (MRP) Machine Readable Passport and E-Passport are?

What is E-Passport?

According to the information from the Department of Immigration and Passport, the e-passport is a biometric passport having an electronic chip. The chip contains all the biometric information, which will be used to authenticate the passport holder.

It uses a microprocessor with chips and antennas. Important passport information is stored in the chip. The biometric information taken in the e-passport is pictures, fingerprints, and Eyeris. The electronic border control system (E-Border) compares the biometric information of the passport chip to the external validation.

what is e passport Bangladesh

The information on the passport chip is verified through Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). So it is difficult to commit fraud.

Difference between E-Passport and Normal Passport

The main difference between normal MRP (Machine Readable Passport and e-passport is:

A normal passport contains a machine-readable zone (MRZ) printed in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standard.

On the other hand, an ePassport has an embedded IC chip where all the biometric information such as the photograph and personal information of the bearer are stored in accordance with ICAO specifications.

e-passport has a small and slim size chip like the SIM of a mobile phone. It has many features hidden. The microchip will keep all its security information. During e-passport, the information found in the machine-readable passport (MRP) database will be transferred to the e-passport.

The application for e-passport doesn’t compulsorily need a physical application form or PDF form. The only online application is accepted. But MRP passport needs A PDF form can be filled out by hand if desired.

For e-passport, you must have a National ID Card. Without a national id card, you can not apply for e-passport.

But MRP passport can be found with Birth Registration Certificate.

While accepting the application form, the applicant will be photographed with 10 fingerprints and Eyeris. All the information will be added to the chip. The immigration Police will be able to know all the information when you grab the passport page in front of the special machine.

There are two types of e-passports. One is 48 pages, the other is 64 pages. There are three types of fees, general, emergency and urgent. See the e-passport fees.

FAQs about E-Passport Bangladesh

Q 1: How do I know if I have an E Passport?

Ans: If you have a passport and not sure of e passport or MRP passport, you can check it yourself. Find the following characteristics in your passport. If it matches, you have an E Passport.

  1. Bangladesh Flag Icon on the front cover
  2. Your passport information page has Barcode Passport Number
  3. Your passport information page has a QR code

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