Bangladesh Passport Renewal Application From Foreign Embassies

Here is all about Bangladesh Passport Renewal from Bangladesh Missions worldwide.


If you are currently outside Bangladesh, you can apply for E-passport Renewal online. Let’s see how to apply for Passport renewal from Foreign Embassies.

If the state where you live currently is not functional, you have to apply for Machine Readable Passport (MRP) renewal from Bangladesh Embassy and Bangladesh Mission. I hope, in future, you can apply for e-passport renewal online from where you are residing.

Bangladesh Passport Renewal from embassies

Bangladesh E-Passport Renewal from USA

From the USA you can apply for a Bangladeshi e-passport renewal form online. See how to apply for Bangladesh E-passport Renewal in USA

Bangladesh E-Passport Renewal Requirements for USA Embassy

Please the all the requirements carefully before you submit the Passport Renewal Form

  1. Printed application summary incl. appointment (if any)
  2. Identification documents (NID card or online Birth certificate)
  3. Money order/Bank certified check in favour of the consulate general of Bangladesh, New York/ Los Angeles/ Washington. (Cash or personal check or online payment is not accepted.)
  4. Previous Passport
  5. GO/NOC for govt. service holder (if any)
  6. Further documents depends on application nature/correction
  7. Printed Online Registration form or Application form (Optional)
  • Regular: US$ 110 Money Order/Bank Cashier’s Check (Expected processing time 60-working days)
  • Express: US$ 220 Money Order/Bank Cashier’s Check (Expected processing time 45-working days)

FAQs About Bangladesh Passport Renewal

How to fill up Bangladesh Passport Renewal Form Online?

You can only fill up the passport renewal form online if your district or foreign mission is functional for e-passport. Otherwise, you have to apply for passport renewal with a physical renewal application form. Read how to fill up the Passport renewal form online.

How Long Passport Renewal Takes in Bangladesh?

For regular delivery, it may take 15 to 20 days in Bangladesh and 60 to70 days in Embassies and High Commission Office.


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