Bangladesh Passport Renewal Application Form Download | Updated in 2022

If you are currently outside Bangladesh, you can only apply for Machine Readable Passport (MRP) renewal from Bangladesh Embassy and Bangladesh High Commission.

As Bangladesh embassy and Bangladesh High Commission is currently not providing E-Passport, it is now impossible to get an e-passport after renewal of your MRP.

Hope, in future you can apply for e-passport renewal online from where you are residing.

Bangladesh Passport Renewal Application Form Download

How to Apply for Bangladesh Passport Renewal from US Embassy

From USA you can apply for Bangladeshi passport renewal, just filling up an application form. You can submit your application in 2 ways, by physically visiting or by Mail.

Application by physical visit is easier. So, I suggest you to apply visiting embassy in person.

Bangladesh Passport Renewal Form USA

Download the application form and fill up with all required information. Then submit the form with necessary documents and passport renewal fee in any of Bangladesh Embassy.

Bangladesh Passport Renewal Form Washington DC

Renewal Application by Going in Person (Physical Visit)

If you are interested in keeping your expired MRP with you, you must visit the Embassy in person to submit your application. Your expired passport will be returned to you on the same day after some official formalities.

This is one of the facilities of in person visit.

Renewal Application by Mail

Applicants may send their passport renewal application by mail. But the applicant must provide a self-addressed return envelope with appropriate postage stamps and tracking number for Priority/ Express Mail of the United States Postal Services (USPS) only.

You must put it to the attention of the “Passport & Visa Wing”. Unless it is a Priority/Express Mail of the United States Postal Services (USPS), your return envelope will not be accepted.

You also have to submit your expired or to be expired MRP and relevant documents with application through mail. Your expired MRP will remain with the Embassy until re-issuance of new MRP to you.

Bangladesh Passport Renewal Requirements for USA Embassy

Please the all the requirements carefully before you submit the Passport Renewal Form

1. Duly fill out the Passport Renewal Application Form

2. Applicants must provide their email address on the application form to get updates of the applications;

3. Attach existing Bangladeshi passport (original passport) and its photocopy (Photo and Information Pages only for photocopy);

4. Recent Passport size photo- 1 copy (Attach with glue on the top left corner of the form);

5. Applicant under 15 years of old must add his/her father’s and mother’s Passport size photo 1 copy for each. (Attach with glue on the top right corner of the form);

6. Copy of National Identification Card (NID) or Bangladeshi Digital Birth Registration Certificate with 17-digit number;

7. Copy of Proof of Valid Residency (valid Visa/Green Card etc.) in the USA.  US State ID or Driving License will not be considered as Proof of Valid Residency;

8. If the applicant is a U.S. passport holder, he or she must provide a copy of the Bangladesh Dual Citizenship Certificate;

9. Marriage Certificate/Divorce Certificate (if applicant wants to add or change spouse name);

10. Fees: Pay to the “Embassy of Bangladesh’’;  Cash or Personal check or Credit card will not be accepted

  • Regular: US$ 110 Money Order/Bank Cashier’s Check (Expected processing time 60-working days)
  • Express: US$ 220 Money Order/Bank Cashier’s Check (Expected processing time 45-working days)

FAQs About Bangladesh Passport Renewal

How to fill up Bangladesh Passport Renewal Form Online?

You can only fill up passport renewal form online if you are currently in Bangladesh. Otherwise, you have to apply for passport renewal with a physical renewal application form. Read how to fill up Passport renewal form online.

How Long Passport Renewal Takes in Bangladesh?

For regular delivery it may take 15 to 20 days in Bangladesh and 60 to70 days in Embassies and High Commission Office.