Irish passport tracking – Check Your Passport Status Ireland

Want to track your Ireland passport application online? Know about Ireland passport tracking and how long it takes to get a passport in Ireland.

Passport Tracking Ireland

To track your Ireland Passport first visit Now put your 11-digit Application ID which can be found on your Application form or AN post receipt. Finally, click the OK button to see the passport status.


If you applied for a passport through AN post, you can also track your passport status with the Application ID from AN Post receipt.

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Passport Tracking Ireland Stages

Most passport applications have the following 5 passport processing stages. Let’s try to know about them.

1. Application Received

When you see this status, it means your Online Application is submitted. Now you have to send the required papers to process your application. So, you have to send the documents by post.

You can see the following message in this step,


Application received: We have received your Passport Online application. We cannot process it until you send us, by post, the required supporting documents.

2. Alert

The “Alert” status means your application is received by the Authority. You may need to provide additional documents or all documents. In this step, you can see the following message,

Alert: We have received your application. You must submit your supporting documents to proceed with the application

3. Processing Application (Verification)

This status means all your supporting documents were submitted successfully. The authority is verifying your documents.


Here you can get the following notices,

Processing application: We have received your supporting documents. We are now verifying these documents.

4. Processing Application (Processing)

If you get the message that your Application is being processed, it means your Passport is now preparing to be printed. In this step, you can see the following message.

  1. Processing application: Your application is being processed.

5. Printing

The “Printing” status means that your passport book is now on the print line. At this stage, you will see the message,


Printing: Your Passport book is being printed. Any documents submitted will be returned separately

How long does a Passport Take in Ireland?

Normally it takes 20 working days to get a passport for first-time applicants. Simple Adult passport renewal takes 10 working days whereas Complex passport renewal or child passport renewal takes 15 days.

Passport Application typeRequired Time
Simple renewals10 Working Days
Complex renewals15 Working Days
First-time applicants20 Working Days

How long does it take to get a passport by AN Post?

When you apply for a passport through a paper-based application by AN post, your passport delivery may take more than 8 weeks. AN post will first deliver your documents to the passport office and the Passport will be sent to you again after it is issued. It takes a long time to get a passport by AN post.

So, it is better you submit an Online Application for a passport.


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