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Let’s know about passport correction procedure and latest passport correction circular by Bangladesh Government.

Bangladesh Passport Correction

Recently on 3rd November 2022 Security Services Department of Ministry of Home Affairs, Bangladesh published Passport Correction Circular. This circular clarifies the directions to be followed for correction and issue of new passports in the country or abroad.

It is very important to know about this Passport Correction circular for those who will get a new passport or renew passport.

Here, I will discuss everything about passport information correction at the light of government circular.


Latest Circular for Passport Correction – ​​3 November 2022

Bangladesh Passport Correction Circular

Let’s first know what the latest passport revision notification says.

1) For passport applicants of Bangladeshi nationals living inside Bangladesh and abroad, passports can be issued according to the information (name, parents’ names, age etc.) provided in NID if there is a discrepancy between the information in NID and passport.

2) Further, the circular issued in Memorandum No. 58.00.0000. (Part).63, dated April 28, 2021, will be followed for disposal of passport re-issue applications by correcting the information of applicants for passports.

3) The circular issued on 09/12/2021 from the Security Services Department is hereby cancelled.

Circular (Published-03 November 2022), Department of Security Services, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

In the latest instruction No. 2 of this circular, it is said that the circular published on 28 April 2021, will be followed for processing the passport amendment application.

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Passport Correction Circular – 28 April 2021 (Effective)

So now let’s know what instructions have been given in that circular dated 28 April 2021 for passport correction.

Instructions for re-issuance of passport after correction of passport information at home and abroad are as follows:


1) For correction of name (own, father and mother) and age in passport-

  • National Identity Card/JSC/JDC/SSC/HSC/Dakhil/Technical/Open University and Equivalent certificates should be considered for adults.
  • Birth certificate should be considered for those who do not have such certificate.
  • Birth certificate should be considered in case of minors.
  • If necessary, information provided by Special Branch and other intelligence agencies can be verified.
  • A maximum gap of 5 (five) years can be considered in case of change of age in the application.

2) As government servants submit the information at the time of joining service, there is no scope for considering the application for change of such information. However, government servants who have received passports prior to employment, may have their information rectified after verifying their credentials.

3) In case of application in foreign embassies, proof of location/residence of the concerned country, photograph, name and age such as Permanent Resident Card/Job ID Card/Student ID Card/Driving License etc. must be attached with the application form, which must be attested by the concerned officer of the embassy.

4) Citizens of Bangladesh living abroad can apply for correction of information within 6 (six) months of the issuance of this circular. However, this period can be extended up to 1 (one) year for logical reasons. If you fail to apply for correction of information within the stipulated time, there will be no further opportunity.


5) Police verification is not required at the time of re-issuance if there is no amendment in the MRP.

6) If the passport is lost, an application for re-issue should be submitted along with a police report of the lost passport as per the laws of the respective country.

7) Applicant has to apply in writing and provide affidavit for change of information. There should be a declaration that the applicant will be responsible for any future legal complications.

8) This circular has been issued with the approval of the appropriate authorities. All concerned are requested to follow the relevant instructions accordingly.

Latest Bangladesh Passport Correction Circular

Bangladesh Passport Correction Process

Be it MRP or E passport, you need to apply e-passport renewal online to correct the passport. In the e-passport application all the information should be given as per your National Identity Card. As this is a correction or renewal application, enter the old passport details from the ID Documents option and submit the application.

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Be sure if your information is correct in your NID card. Otherwise, you can correct your NID first. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Collection of evidence in favor of correct information – NID copy must be required. Besides, collect the copy of Educational Qualification Certificate, Birth Registration, Permanent Resident Card/ Job ID Card/ Student ID Card/ Driving License if applying at the embassy abroad.
  2. Make an Affidavit – Make an affidavit regarding correction of your information under non-judicial stamp. There should be a declaration that the applicant will be responsible for any future legal complications due to the correction of information in the passport.
  3. Apply online with correct information.
  4. Write an application to AD of passport office for passport correction.
  5. Pay the passport fee. You may read how to pay E-passport fee from USA
  6. Submit the application along with all the documents.
  7. Take biometric photo for your passport. You may read- What to wear for passport photos
  8. Check if your e passport is ready for issuance.


How long does it take to get a passport correction?

Normally it takes 10-15 working days to get a passport correction.

How to correct Bangladesh Passport?

To correct or change information in Passport, you have to apply e-passport renewal online. Fill the application form with correct information as per your National Identity Card. Enter the old passport details from the ID Documents option and submit the application.


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