Bangladesh Passport Check by Passport Number

Do you want to find your passport information? Let’s know how to check your Bangladesh passport by passport number.


In this post, I will share with you such a trick through which all the personal information of the passport holder can be known only with the passport number.

In case, you have lost your passport or have any other problem, you may want to know your passport information with your passport number. But there is no opportunity to get passport information online usually with a passport number.

You can check New E Passport Application status if the passport is ready. Here is how to check e passport status.


Bangladesh Passport Check by Passport Number

To check your Bangladesh passport by passport number visit first. Then click Searching option from the top menu. Type your Passport No and click on Find button. You can see all information including your name and address.

This trick will work only for those who have BMET registration. So, let’s know how to check a passport by passport number.

Check your New Passport or renewal passport status here- Check Passport Status


The detailed process is shown step by step in the image below.

Step 1: To check passport by passport number visit and click on Searching option from the top menu.

Bangladesh Passport Check by Passport Number

Step 2: Enter your Passport No here and click on Find button. If you have registered for BMET then you can see all your information here.

Bangladesh Passport Check by Passport Number

Check Bangladesh Passport by District and Upazila

You can find your personal information from BMET website searching with District and Upazila when you have registered with BMET. That is, only those who have BMET registration can check their passports through district or upazila.


Find Passport information by Passport number when You have no BMET Registration

If you have no registration in BMET, you need to go to passport office to get passport information with passport number. Discuss your problem with an officer there and ask for passport information.

Hope they help you. If that doesn’t work, you can make a written application to the passport office.

Final Words

If someone’s passport is lost or stolen, it is necessary to know the number and important information of your old passport in order to apply for a new passport. In that case it becomes a problem if you don’t have any photocopy.

In such a case, you can get the passport information from the passport office or BMET website with the passport number.


Hope the post was useful for you. Comment any questions or problems you face. I will try to help as much as possible.

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