How to Pay e Passport Fee Online in Bangladesh

You can pay your e passport fee online from your smartphone. Know how to pay e passport fee easily and safely.


At present, A challan is the only way to pay e passport fee in Bangladesh. Through this online challan, you can easily pay e passport fee online by bKash, Nagad, Rocket, any bank account and debit or credit cards. See the details.

What are Required to Pay e-Passport Fee

The information that will be required to deposit the e-passport fee is the follwoing;

  • The number of pages and validity of the passport
  • Type of delivery of passport – general or urgent
  • Personal Identification Number – National Identity Card or Birth Registration Number
  • Name by passport application (English)
  • Address by passport application (current)
  • Mobile number

How to Pay E Passport Fee Online by bKash

To pay e passport fee online, at first go to the A Challan website and select the e-passport fee. Then select the number of passport pages, the validity and the type of delivery. Then, enter the person’s contact number, name, address and mobile number. Finally, select any bank of your choice and make the payment and collect the print copy of the challan.

But you must be a little careful. In the following steps, I will pay this A challan for the e-passport inshallah. Carefully follow.

Step 1: To make an A challan or online challan, visit the Automated Challan System Bangladesh (A Challan) website from here.

How to Pay e passport fee

Step 2: Click on the e-passport fee from the passport option. A window like the one below will appear in front of you.

How to pay e passport fee Bangladesh

Step 3: From here, first select the number of passport pages. Then select the validity of the passport and the type of delivery. Automatically it will show the amount of money. Click the OK button from the bottom.

how to pay e passport fee in bangladesh

Step 4: Now the person whose passport fee is being paid will have to enter the National Identity Card (NID) or birth registration certificate (BRC) number as the identification number. You also have to write your name as your passport application, address and mobile number. E-mail is optional, you can write even if you don’t write, no problem.

Remember, In the case of writing the name, the name entry must be done in line with the passport application. If there is a difference in the spelling of the name in this invoice and the passport application, the invoice will not be accepted.

Also, keep in mind that if the passport is applied for by the national id card, you must give the national id number. Those who are under the age of 20, do not have a national id card, they will give birth registration number. Of course, give the numbers correctly.


Choose the bank here. You can also choose another bank at your convenience.

Select Sonali Bank to deposit money through bKash, Nagad, Rocket and Tap accounts. You can also make payments from Sonali Bank’s online account, debit and credit card.

Now click on the Save button. You will be taken to the payment gateway of Sonali Bank.

pay e passport fee in Bangladesh

Step 5: Select Account অথবা Visa/ Master Card/ Amex Card or Mobile Banking option from here and make payment.


Warning 1- Be careful when making payments so that your internet connection is not disconnected and the computer device or mobile phone is not turned off.

Warning 2- Money has been deducted from your account for some reason while making the payment but the transaction has not been successful or the transaction may show a message that failed. In such a situation, don’t close the page. You need to collect the invoice number from the link of that page and download the invoice. The process is shown below. See what to do if you can’t download the invoice.

How to Pay e Passport Fee by bKash, Nagad, Rocket and Tap

Rocket and BKash are widely used mobile banking services. To deposit the passport fee through mobile banking, select Sonali Bank from step 4.

Now click on the Save button. You will be taken to the payment gateway of Sonali Bank. Click on the Mobile Banking button here to make the payment.

e passport fee by bkash

Choose any one of the services you want. In this case, I choose Bkash.

pay e passport fee by bkash

Here, click on the Pay with bKash button. In BKash’s payment option, enter your mobile number. Then a verification code will come through SMS to your BKash mobile number.

Make the payment with the verification code and your bKash PIN.

Pay e-passport Fee through Mobile Phone

You can also deposit the e-passport money from your mobile if you want. For this, it is best to install a challan app of the Bangladesh Ministry of Finance on your mobile. Moreover, you can also pay the fee from the Google Chrome app.

Just like the steps shown above, you can pay the passport fee from this challan app.

What to do if you can’t download the invoice after paying the passport fee

Many times it may come that the transaction has failed even after deducting money from your account in order to make online payments. In such a situation, what you will not do and what you will do,

  1. Don’t close that page in a hurry.
  2. You need to copy the link to that page.
  3. Save the copied link into a note or message.
  4. In the link, you can find a number like 2122-00019740571 which is your challan number.
  5. Go to online challan verification website.
  6. Search for your challan with the challan number found in the link. shown in the picture below,
a challan verification

Write 4 digits in the first box and 11 digits in the next box and click on the Verify button. I hope you can get your challan. Save the PDF file of the challan and print it out.

If you can’t take the challan number, in that case, contact SPG Support Group – the Facebook support group of the Sonali Bank Payment Gateway. Hopefully, you can collect your challan number and payment slip.

Payment of e-passport fee through A Challan from the Bank Counter

Apart from online, you can deposit the e-passport fee directly from any bank counter through A Challan, at any time during banking hours.

To deposit the passport fee from the bank counter, you will need, e-Passport Application Summary and Registration Form you downloaded after the online application.

According to the passport application, you will have to enter your name, national id number, mobile number and passport page and validity. So that there is no mistake.

After paying the A challan, collect the print copy of the challan form from the bank officer. The copy of the e-Passport Fee Challan should be submitted to the Passport Office along with the application at the time of enrolment.

E Passport Fee Payment Bank List

Here is the list of all banks where you can pay the e-passport fee. You can also pay the e-passport fee through A challan with bank accounts from the below banks.

  • A B Bank
  • Agrani Bank
  • Bangladesh Commerce Bank
  • BRAC Bank
  • Dutch Bangla Bank
  • Eastern Bank
  • First Security Islami Bank
  • Islami Bank
  • Midland Bank
  • NRB Commercial Bank
  • One Bank
  • Sonali Bank
  • Southeast Bank
  • Premier Bank

Payment of e-passport fee from abroad

The e-passport program has already been inaugurated in various missions abroad. These include the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Saudi Arabia, etc. So you can apply and renew your e-passport from the Bangladesh Embassy here. Here is the information on how to deposit the e-passport fee from abroad.

United Arab EmiratesHow to pay e-passport fee from UAE
United States/ AmericaHow to pay e passport fee from USA
SingaporeThe e-passport program has not yet been launched from Singapore. Therefore, the MRP passport fee has to be paid only through NETS at the office counter.

I hope this post can help you. For any information related to e-passport, see E-Passport.

If you want any questions or help in this regard, you can message us from our contact page.

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