Here I shared all the information you need for a new birth registration, Birth Certificate Verification, and Correction online. Let’s know how you can do all these sitting before your computer at home.


What is Birth Registration

Birth registration is the registration or including of the child’s name in the government database after the child’s birth. This is the first legal step to ensure a newborn’s name and nationality.

Birth registration is a right of every citizen. After birth, the first recognition a child receives from the state is birth registration. Through this birth registration, he becomes a citizen of the country with equal rights to other citizens.


The government enacted the Birth and Death Registration Act 2004 to make birth registration mandatory. The Birth Registration Act states that birth registration is compulsory for every person born in Bangladesh, regardless of age, race, religion or nationality.

At the end of the birth registration process, the birth registration authority will issue a certificate to the registrar.

What is the use of birth registration?

Birth registration is a person’s civic identity certificate before receiving the national identity card. Since we do not receive a national identity card before the age of 18, the birth registration certificate is compulsorily used in any of our previous jobs. E.g.,

  1. Admission to educational institutions
  2. Getting National Identity Card
  3. Passport issue
  4. Preparation of voter list
  5. Marriage registration
  6. Employment in government, private or autonomous organizations
  7. Driving license issue
  8. Land registration
  9. Open a bank account
  10. Obtaining import and export licenses
  11. Receive gas, water, telephone and electricity connections
  12. Receipt of Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  13. Obtaining Contracting License
  14. Receipt of house design approval
  15. Receipt of vehicle registration
  16. Obtaining trade license

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How to Apply for new birth registration online

New birth registration must be done online. The handwritten application on the birth registration form is no longer the same as before.


You can apply from your own computer. If you do not have your own computer, you can apply for birth registration from Union Digital Center or any other organization where digital services are available.

Required Documents for a New Birth Registration

Documents Required if the child is between 0 to 45 days:

  • EPI (Vaccine) Card
  • Copy of online birth registration of parents (Bangla and English compulsory)
  • Copy of National Identity Card of Father and Mother
  • Home holding number and current year holding tax receipt
  • Mobile number of the applicant’s parent/guardian

Documents Required if the child is 48 to 5 years old:

  • EPI (Vaccine) Card / Certificate of Health Worker (with signature and seal)
  • Copy of online birth registration of parents (Bangla and English compulsory)
  • Copy of National Identity Card of Father and Mother
  • Certificate of Headmaster of the school (with signature and seal) where applicable
  • Home holding number and current year holding tax receipt
  • Mobile number of the applicant parent / guardian
  • 1 copy of passport size photo at the time of submission of application form.

Documents Required if the child is more than 5 years:

  • Certificate from a physician for proof of age (MBBS or above recognized by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council)
  • Government Completed Primary Education Certificate, Junior School Certificate or Secondary School Certificate issued by the Board of Education
  • Copy of online birth registration of parents (Bangla and English compulsory)
  • Copy of National Identity Card of Father and Mother
  • Or, Proof of payment of updated tax against the place of residence declared as permanent address in the name of the father / mother / grandfather / grandmother for proof of place of birth or permanent address.
  • Or, land or house purchase deed, rent and tax payment receipt. (River erosion is a permanent address for any other reason

Download birth registration online copy

Birth registration information of all persons in the online database can be verified online. You can also use it for various purposes by downloading the birth registration online verification copy. For this 13 digit birth registration number and date of birth will be required.

Verify online birth registration information

Birth Registration Correction

As per Chapter 3 of the Birth and Death Registration Act, 2004 of the Government of Bangladesh, there is an opportunity to correct the birth and death registration by paying a fee.


At present, one can apply to the registrar to amend the birth registration online. The registrar will usually approve or reject the application within 15 days of receiving it.

How to apply to correct birth registration

Birth registration rules in English
Those who have previously registered a birth have either handwritten or printed their certificate. Among these certificates we have only Bengali information.

However, only those who have obtained a birth registration certificate in English for going abroad or for any other purpose, their information will be available online in English.

At present, it is mandatory for every person to have all the information in digital birth registration and registration in English.


So read on to know how to do birth registration information in English – Rules for doing birth registration in English
Answers to various questions regarding birth and death registration
How can 16 digit or less 16 digit birth registration number be updated to 16 digit?
If the birth registration number is less than 18 digits, the old certificate can be obtained by submitting the old certificate to the concerned registrar’s office.

How to register birth from Bengali to English?
Any change, addition or subtraction of information in the birth register is considered as a correction. You need to apply for a correction online. Add your English information to the application. See here the rules for making birth registration in English

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