Italy Sponsor Visa 2024 Update and How to Apply

Do you want to get a low-cost Italy-sponsored visa from Bangladesh or other countries? Here is everything about Italy Sponsor Visa 2023 update, application process, required documents.

Italy Sponsor Visa 2023 Update

The Italian government offers a sponsored visa for those wishing to legally visit Italy for work.

Every year the Italy Sponsor Visa Application Notification is circulated through the Expatriate Welfare Ministry of various countries.

Today we will discuss Italy Sponsor Visa 2023 Application Rules in detail.


Italy Sponsor Visa 2024 Update

The update is the Italian government has allocated 26,000 sponsored visas for 2023. These visas are open to workers in a variety of sectors, including construction, tourism, agriculture and driving, among other categories of workers employed. The last date for an Italy sponsor visa application is 31st December 2023.

Let’s first know what Italy’s sponsor visa means.

What is Italy Sponsor Visa?

An Italy Sponsor Visa is a work visa that is issued when an Italian company or organization hires workers from another country. In the case of a sponsor visa, the employer company first apply for an Italian work permit from the Italian Government for the employee. When the permit is approved, the worker can apply for a visa.


Italy Sponsor Visa is usually granted for 1 year, but it can be renewed for up to 3 years. Holders of this visa can work and live in Italy.

For this reason, these circulars are published through the government expatriate welfare ministry of different countries.

There are two categories of sponsor visas in Italy, one is a seasonal sponsored visa and the other is a non-seasonal sponsored visa. Visas for less than 90 days are C Category or short-term visas. All visas for more than 90 days are D-category visas or Long Term visas.

Tourist visas, medical visas etc. are seasonal visas or Type C visas. Getting these types of visas is not very difficult. But getting a non-seasonal visa is very difficult. It will be easy for you to get these non-seasonal or long-term visas if you have a close relative in Italy.


Required Documents for Italy Sponsor Visa

To apply for Italy Sponsor Visa you must submit certain required documents through the Italian Embassy. All the necessary documents required for Italy Sponsor Visa application are:

  • Copy of applicant’s valid passport with at least 6 months validity;
  • Basic knowledge of the Italian language;
  • 4*3.5 cm. Size, two recent photographs on a white background (Schengen Size or Passport Size);
  • Copy of National Identity Card;
  • Copy of applicant’s registration ID card.
  • Proof of current employment or proof of source of income;
  • Certificate if working abroad;
  • Filled application form for an Italy sponsor visa;
  • Travel Insurance;

The above required documents must be collected and submitted at the time of application and all records must be correct.

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How to Apply for Italy Sponsor Visa Online

Step 1: Find an employer

To get a sponsored visa for Italy you must first find a job in Italy. For this reason, find a job in a company according to your qualifications and skills through different agencies, job sites in Italy, relatives or friends in Italy.


If the employer agrees to hire you, discuss with him about your salary, workplace, and other terms.

Step 2: Apply for Work Permit

At this stage, the employer will apply to the Italian government for a Work Permit (Nulla Osta) for you. Work Permit or Nulla Osta is sent to you in Bangladesh. Once Nulla Osta is found, you can apply for a visa.

To apply for a work permit, give all the necessary information and documents to the employer. An Italian work permit usually requires:

  • Copy of passport and national identity card;
  • Copy of job application and letter of appointment;
  • Your passport-size photograph;
  • Basic knowledge of the Italian language;
  • Other required documents;

Step 3: Fill the Visa Application Form

After receiving the work permit, you must fill out the application form for an Italy work visaYou can fill out the Italy visa application form online and submit it at the Visa Application Center. Or you can submit the application directly to the Italian Embassy in your country.

If there is no Embassy, Consulate or visa application centre, you have to visit the nearest embassy located in neighbouring countries.

You can download and fill out the application form and submit it to the Visa Application Center. To download the right type of form, visit VFS Global website and find your application form.

Let’s see how to apply for Italy visa.

Step 4: Book an Appointment at the Visa Application Center

After filling out the application form, you have to book an appointment online at the Italy Visa Application Center. You can find visa application centres on the VFS global website.

There are 3 Italy Visa Application Centers in Bangladesh, they are:

  • VFS Global Chittagong
  • VFS Global Dhaka
  • VFS Global Sylhet

Italian Embassy in Bangladesh

Road n. 74/79 – Plot no. 2/3 – Gulshan 2 – Dhaka 1212
Phone Number: 88028822781, 88028822782
Email: [email protected]

Step 5: Submit Visa Application Fee and Documents

The Visa Application Fee must be deposited at the Cash Counter of the Visa Application Center by Debit Card / Credit Card or cash. The fee payment receipt should be submitted along with the application form. Keep a photocopy of the receipt with you.

A separate Service Charge will be applicable at the Visa Application Center in addition to the Embassy Fee.

Finally, submit all your required documents along with the application. While submitting the documents, make sure that there are no missing documents. Also, everything should be accurate and correct.

Step 5: Participate in the viva

Once your visa application starts processing at the Italian Embassy, ​​you will be called to see your original documents and take your Viva. You have to appear at Vivah on the specified day and show all your documents.

Step 6: Collect the passport

If your Italy Sponsored Visa application is approved, your passport will have a Visa Stamp. Then you will collect the visa. You can check your Italy visa online to see if your visa is ready.

Besides, the Italian Embassy will inform you of the date of passport collection through mobile SMS or email.

How much does Italy’s sponsor visa cost?

Italy Sponsor Visa Application Fee is 50 Euro, and the VFS global service charge is 38 Euro. In addition to these costs, job application and getting a job in Italy can cost around 300 to 350 euros. Which is around 35000 to 40000 in Bangladeshi Taka. There are other costs, including health insurance

Besides, if you get a job or apply for a visa through an agency, it will definitely cost a lot of money. A seasonal visa costs about 3 to 4 lac taka and a non-seasonal visa costs about 10 to 11 lakh taka.

If someone tries to get an Italy sponsor visa with the help of any private agency other than the government agency or different countries outside Bangladesh then it will cost about 3 lac taka.

FAQs about Italy Sponsor Visa

You can apply for Italy sponsor visa till 31st December 2023. This visa is a long-term work visa.

You have to apply online for a sponsor visa in Italy. You can download a PDF application form and fill out the form, then submit it to the Visa Application Center. To download the right type of form, visit VFS Global website.

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