This page is organized with various important information and tips related to income tax, income tax returns and online income tax payments. Hope you find it useful.


What is Tax Identification Number (TIN)

A special contact number is used to identify a taxpayer citizen separately. This number is called Tax Identification Number (TIN).

In order for a taxpayer to pay income tax, he has to register income tax. Upon registration of income tax, a TIN number is automatically assigned to him.


Any Bangladeshi citizen can register income tax online with his national identity card or smart card number and create TIN certificate.

TIN Certificate Registration

Income Tax e-Return Filling

The Government of Bangladesh has re-launched a new e-return system for filing income tax returns online. As a result, a taxpayer will be able to submit income tax returns online from FY 2020-21.

The government had been trying to make arrangements for filing income tax returns online. However, it was also a much-anticipated one for taxpayers.

Taxpayers do not have to go to the income tax office to file e-returns online and can submit their returns and pay taxes without any hassle.


How to File Income Tax e Return 2021-22 Online