How to Check Birth Registration Certificate Online in Bangladesh

Here is how to check Birth Registration Certificate online and download an online verification copy of birth registration. If you do not know how to check birth registration certificate online or get online birth registration certificate, this post will definitely come in handy.

Online Birth Certificate Check BD

Many times it may be necessary to check the birth registration online. You can download the birth registration online verification copy by verifying whether the birth registration information is correct or the birth registration certificate is genuine.

However, if after searching with your 17-digit birth registration number and date of birth, the message No Record Found comes, there could be two reasons for this.

online birth certificate check bd

Reasons for not Getting Birth Registration Information Online

The 1st possible reason is that you were born before 01/01/2001 and your birth registration is handwritten which is not included in the online database.

The second reason may be that your birth registration number or date of birth is a mismatch between the two.

One more reason is 16 digit Birth Registration Number. If your birth registration number is 16 digit, you have to update 16 digit birth certificate to 17 digit by adding a 0 (zero) before the last 5 digits.

Or, to solve this problem is to go to the union council or municipality office with your handwritten birth registration certificate and request to find out 17 digit birth registration number.

If your Birth Registration data is not found in the database or online. Request them to add your birth registration again. I hope your problem will be solved within 1 working day.

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Can only verify birth registration with birth registration number and date of birth. Click on this link to verify birth registration on mobile.

How to Check Birth Certificate Online

To check or verify your Birth Registration Certificate online visit

online birth certificate check

Visiting this website, you can check if your birth registration is digital. After visiting the site, you will get a page like below.

Enter your 17 digit birth registration number here. (Example- 19860915428117351)

Enter date of birth in this format (YYYY-MM-DD). Then fill in the captcha below.

Click the Search button on the bottom left.

If your birth registration is digital and is in the online database, you will see your birth registration information on a page like the one below.

birth registration certificate check online

This page is the Birth Certificate Online Verification Copy. In many cases, verification copy or verification copy of birth registration may be required to confirm our information.

If you could verify your birth registration certificate as shown above, then you will understand that your birth registration is digital.

You can print and use it.

How can I get My Birth Certificate Online in Bangladesh?

If you have a question in mind or want to get your Birth Certificate online, you can surely use the above Birth Registration Verification Copy.

But this document will not be a regular Birth Certificate that requires an official seal and signature.

To download the birth registration online copy, after the above image appears on your screen, you can save it as a PDF file by selecting Print to PDF from your computer with the print command (ctrl + P).

If the computer does not have the Print to PDF option, see how to create a PDF file of the document on the computer.

Or if you have a printer, you can print the birth registration online verification copy and save it for the future.

There is no other way to download birth registration online.

FAQ’s on Birth Registration Check Online

How can I check my birth certificate online in Bangladesh?

You can check your birth registration certificate online with only 17 digit birth registration number and date of birth.

How can I get my birth certificate online in Bangladesh?

You can not get your regular and official birth certificate online. But you can get an interim birth registration certificate copy online.

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