Should You Use Dot in name in E-passport Application? (correct solution)

Should you use dot in your name on your passport application? Let’s know the right information in detail.

should you use dot in passport

Many of us in Bangladesh use dot (.) after short name in birth registration and national identity card. But should you use the (.) while applying or renewing your passport? I will try to share the correct information about this dot.

You may want to apply for a new e-passport or renew your MRP passport to an e-passport. In this case, if your NID has a dot (.) in any part of the name, how do you apply, will you use the dot? I am telling you in detail whether or not to do it.

Disadvantages of using dot in name in passport

The fairly recognized form of the name is that the name will have three parts First Name (Given Name), Middle Name, and Last Name (Family Name). Like George Walker Bush.


Here George is First Name or Given Name. And Walker is Middle Name, Last Name is Bush.

Although there is an official middle name, using it is optional. Most of the time it is written as an initial such as George W. Bush instead of George Walker Bush

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But in Bangladesh when we write the name like this A.H.M. Kamal Uddin, 3 initial names (A.H.M.) are used as the first name.


In this way, no letter should be used as First Name or Given Name. Moreover, 3 letters with dots mean 3 initials of 3 Names. Foreigners get confused seeing three initial names as the First Name where a single name should be used.

It’s not the correct way to abbreviate First Name and Last Name in passports or other important documents. Middle Name may not be used or can be shortened by just one letter with or without dot (.).

In this case, using dot (.) is regardless. That is, George W Bush or George W. Bush is the same. Here it creates no confusion.

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No Dot in Name in MRP but NID has Dot

If you have an MRP passport earlier, even if you had written dot (.) in your name while filling online application form, it would have automatically got deleted.

Even when anyone had applied by writing dots in the handwritten application form, passport office operators entered the information without the dots. So there is no dot in the name in MRP.

At the time of registration of the national identity card, names and information are collected from our birth registration and certificate. In this case, if there is a dot in someone’s name on the certificate, it also comes to the national identity card.

There is no reason to get too upset about this dot (.) in any part of your name. Submit your application without the dot (.).


Whether dot can be used in name in e-passport application

A dot (.) cannot be used in the name in the e-Passport application. Do not use dot in passport application even if you have a dot (.) on your national identity card (NID) or birth certificate. So fill in the passport application keeping this in mind.

We all may know that e-passport information should be exactly like National Identity Card or Birth Registration. It is absolutely correct. To apply for an e-passport, you have to apply according to the information of NID.

In that case, your question may be your name is Md. Kamal Uddin in your NID then how to apply for a passport? Here, just write MD KAMAL UDDIN in the passport application form, i.e. write without the (.) dot.

But you can write a dot in the e-passport application and submit the application. Dot is not deleted automatically in the e-passport form as it would be deleted in the MRP application form.

However, if you apply for a passport with a dot (.) in the name, the passport office will not accept it.

So, what should you do then? Let’s know how to solve the problem if you put a dot in the e-passport application form.

How to Make Correction if Applied for E passport with dot in Name

You have submitted the passport application with a dot in any part of the name. In such cases, the passport office is not going to accept your application. Let’s know how to solve the problem in this case.

Passport offices will generally not want to accept any mistakes in the passport application. You have to correct it and re-apply.

But you cannot apply again unless you cancel the previous application from the passport office. It will take 2/1 day more time to cancel the wrong application and re-apply.

In that case, the easiest and best way is to apply for a correction to the passport application.

You have to write an application to the Assistant Director/Deputy Director of the Regional Passport Office.

Mention in the application that your name in the passport application is mistakenly written MD. instead of MD so you want to modify that wrong name.

In view of your application, the passport office will make necessary corrections while taking your biometrics.

Final Words

As there are some complications and difficulties in using dot (.) in names, it is the best practice not to use dot. Using dot or not is the same thing. So always avoid using dots in any document.

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There is MD on my MRP but MD. in on NID, How should I apply for an e-passport?

It’s not a problem if all the information on NID is the same as the previous passport except the dot. Just apply for an e-passport avoiding the dot in the name.

I have MD in MRP but MOHAMMAD in NID card, how to apply for a passport?

In this case, you have 2 options. 1) Passport Correction – Apply for e-passport as per NID. 2) Correction of National Identity Card- In this case, you have to get your National Identity Card corrected according to your passport. Then apply for passport renewal.

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  1. I have dot in every certificate of mine from ssc to Bsc !
    I have dot in NID also!
    As i needed to apply as my NID , i didn’t face any problem.
    I have already got my passport – (Md.)
    I’ll be applying for the Australia for my masters program..will it create any problem? As you have mentioned, passport office won’t accept it, so why did they accept that? How did my passport came with a dot? What should i do?
    Please response ASAP!

    1. When you are applying in Australia, you better try to know if there is any problem in Australia. It may not be a problem when you have dot in all certificates and documents. Dot causes a problem mostly in American countries.

  2. My father’s name in Passport: Muhammad Showkat Ali
    My father’s name in his and my NID: MD. SHOWKAT ALI
    Qs: If I convert my MRP passport in to e-Passport, will it be a problem? I would like to write MD Showkat Ali as my father’s name during application.

    1. If changing name on passport is not a problem, you can do it. You can get an e-passport according to NID only. If you want to keep your previous passport name (Muhammad Showkat Ali) you need to correct your NID first.

  3. You have told us about dot(.) but i want to know about hyphen.
    Please tell about hyphen.
    If there all of my documents have hyphen(-) in name even in passport, is it a problem?
    I mean in my name i used Hyphen (-) such as certificates, NID,passport, Driving licence etc.
    Can you please tell me, will it create any kind of problem in future?
    (Such as student visa,Airline ticket,booking hotel).


    1. Sorry, I am not experienced with that. Please discuss this problem with Foreign education expertsign education consultant.

  5. My Name on NID is “S.M IFTEKHAR ZAKARIA”
    Now, should I write: “SM IFTEKHAR ZAKARIA” or “S M IFTEKHAR ZAKARIA” on my e-passport application?

    Is the copy of my parent’s NID crucial when submitting the e-passport application?
    [I want to apply with my own NID. And I got some issues with my mom’s name in her NID. What if I just take my father’s NID copy with me?]

  6. If my NID name is: S.M IFTEKHAR ZAKARIA

    1. Actually, there is no right or wrong. It is up to you how you want to write your name. SM or S M

  7. Hello, in my all certificates my fathers Name has dot after MD, same in the NID, So i have checked my BRC and saw there is no dot in my fathers Name…. Now i will apply for the Driving licence and Passport…. What should i do? Using Dot in all the documents except passport or When i apply for licence and passport i will not using dot and also not changing my BRC???

    1. Yes, let all your documents as they are. But keep your passport and DL without dot. It will not create a problem.

  8. NID তে বাবার নামে “এস এম” দেয়া,
    MRP পাসপোর্টে আছে S M
    মৃত বাবার NID তে “Saleh Md.”
    Birth Certificate এও S. M.
    E-TIN এও S. M.
    আজকে পাসপোর্টের ফর্ম ফিলাপ করতে গিয়ে S. M. দিয়ে ফেলেছি, কারন সারা জীবনের অভ্যাস।
    MRP এর মতনই রাখতে চাই dot ছাড়া…
    এই বিপদের উদ্ধার কি?
    পাসপোর্ট অফিস থেকে ওরা নিজেরাই কী ঠিক করবে নাকি আমার আবার কারেকশন এপ্লিকেশন করতে হবে ?
    আমার নাম এ কোন . নাই।

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