India may Start Issuing Tourist Visas Soon

India offers E-Visas for Tourists, Business, Medical, Conference and Emergency. But from March 2020, issuing new tourist visas was stopped due to COVID 19 lockdown.

As the pandemic situation improved, Indian government made some relaxations in the visa rules. But issuing tourist visas was never resumed.

Is India Issuing Tourist Visas

Is India Issuing Tourist Visas

Update: From 15 October, tourists coming on chartered flight can apply for visas. But, the tourists of general flight have to wait for more 1 month.

No, currently issuing tourist visas to India is suspended. But the proposal is being considered and it is hoped that, very soon India will open visas for vaccinated travelers.

The official said that it will be done in a phased manner and it will be open to only those who are vaccinated.

You can apply for E-Visa online.

Vaccines Restrictions for Visas

For new visas, vaccines restrictions will be imposed. The issue of vaccine restrictions stipulated by some European Union countries posed a challenge to Indian travelers which was taken up by the highest level of the external affairs ministry.

India also raised the issue in diplomatic channels to make it clear that if countries do not recognize vaccines being administered in India, it will impose similar restrictions on people coming from other countries too.

Information Source: Hundistantimes