Saudi Arabia Visa Check by Passport Number Online

Here is how to check Saudi Arabia Visa online with your passport number on new website


Visas of almost all countries can be checked online through the internet. Visas must be verified online to avoid fraud and duplicate visas.

Moreover, by checking the Saudi visa, you can also know the name of the sponsor company of the visa, how long the visa is valid, what kind of visa etc.

So let’s see how to check Saudi visa with passport number online


Update: enjazit com sa visa check website has changed to So, see how to check Saudi visa on the new website.

Saudi Arabia Visa Check by Passport Number

To check the Saudi Arab visa status, follow the steps below:


You can find all the visa information including your picture.

Here is the detailed process of Enjazit Visa Check or mofa visa check.

Step 1 # Visit Saudi Visa Check MOFA Website – visaperson/get applicant data

Directly visit Enjazit Website clicking the link-Saudi visa check mofa. Then click E from top left to choose English Language.

Step 2 # Search Visa Application Data

On this page, just put your passport number, your nationality and visa issuing country. Since your Nationality is Bangladesh, select it as your current nationality. Visa Issuing Authority will be Saudi Mission in Dhaka. So select it Dhaka.

Advertisement visa check

Type the image code correctly and hit the search button now. You can see Saudi Arabia visa application status on the next page.

You can also check: Malaysia Visa Check online by Passport Number

Step 3 # Verify Saudi visa information

You will see the status of your visa application after checking Enjaz Visa by passport number.

If the visa has already been issued or approved. You will see all Visa information such as Visa Number, Application Number, Visa Sponsor or Company Name and your information.

saudi arabia visa check

This way you can check your work visa in Saudi Arabia.

How to Know Company and Profession in Saudi Visa

In a Saudi visa, Company/Sponsor name and Occupation are shown in Arabic language. Just copy the Arabic text and Search google for English Translation.

You can know you company name and your profession in the visa.

Bottom Line

Everyone who is going or going abroad should check their visa before traveling. If you are going for job, check whether the visa is valid, visa type, occupation and company name are now verified online.


Do it to avoid cheating and fraud visa. Here is how to check Different Countries Visa Check by Passport Number.

Questions about Saudi Arab Visa Check

How can I check my Saudi visa with passport number?

To check your Saudi Visa with passport number, visit Saudi Arabia Mofa Visa Check. Select English language. Type your Passport Number, Select Nationality and Visa Issuing Authority. Fill-up the captcha image code and hit search button. You will see all the visa information.

Can I check my visa status with my passport number?

Yes, you can check your visa status with passport number and your nationality.

Can I check Saudi visa online?

Yes, you can check Saudi visa online with just your passport number and nationality.

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