How to Deactivate bKash Account Permanently

Want to close bKash account permanently? InshaAllah, I will tell you all the details how to deactivate bKash Account permanently, what documents are required, where to go.

Reasons to Deactivate bKash account

You can deactivate or close your bkash account permanently for various reasons. The reasons may be the following.

Changing Mobile Number

If you are going to leave your current bkash number, or want to use a new phone number, you can do that. As you cannot open 2nd bKash account with your national identity card even in new number. In this case, you can permanently close bkash account on your old phone number and create a new bKash account on new number.

bKash Account with Someone else’s NID Card

One more reason you might want to deactivate the bKash account. It may be that your bkash account you are currently using on your mobile phone registered under someone else’s national identity card.

In that case, for future security of your transactions, you may want to close the current bKash account and open a new one under your National Identity Card.

How You Can Deactivate bKash Account

Let’s know the correct process to close bKash account. The following steps need to be followed to close any active bKash account.

Step 1: Make bKash Account Balance 0.00

The first condition to close the account is to make the account balance zero. No money can be kept to say zero. You need to recharge or send money to balance zero.

But the problem is you can’t spend money on recharge amount. If your bKash balance is Tk. 12.35. You can recharge 12 taka. But the remaining 0.35 taka will remain.

Again, if it is less than 10 taka, you will not be able to recharge. So the most convenient is the Send Money Send Money option. You can transfer any amount using Send Money. You can also send 0.05 paisa if you want. Remember that 5 taka charge is deducted in the send money option.

You can send money to the bKash account of your friend or family member by deducting 5 taka from your balance. In this case, if you do not want to pay 5 taka charge, send the bKash number to which you will send money, add the number as bKash favorite number.

Step 2: Vist bKash Customer Care with Necessary Documents

The person in whose name the bKash account has been opened has to go to the nearest bKash customer physically with his / her national identity card and 2 passport size photographs.

If the person dies or is unable to visit Customer Care, someone else may go to Customer Care with the necessary documents and discuss the matter. In this case, he should take the following documents;

  • NID card and 2 Passport size photographs of Account Holder (Bkash Account under the person’s name)
  • NID card and 2 Passport Size photographs of 2nd person who is visiting the customer care.
  • Any proof of the persons death (optional)

How to Close bKash Account from Home

You can close the bKash account at home but not permanently. If you want to stop permanently you have to follow the rules described above. You can only temporarily close your bKash account by calling bKash Customer Care from home.

How to Temporarily Close bKash Account

In case of some emergency you may want to temporarily close your bKash account. Like if your mobile is stolen or lost. In this case you dial 16247 from bKash Customer Care Center and talk to bKash representative. In this case, you can temporarily close the account with the necessary information for your development. Moreover, this can be done with the live chat option of bKash Facebook page and information through email.

In the future, you can open your account by calling bKash Customer Care again whenever you want.

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