How to Get Your bKash Transaction History or Statement

Need bKash transaction statement for a specific time? Here is how you can get bKash transaction history.


Currently, bKash is the leading and most popular Mobile Wallet in Bangladesh. It is hardly possible to find a man who doesn’t use bKash. As a bKash user, sometime you may need a transaction statement from bKash.

There is a limit in bKash app that you can only find a few day’s transactions from the app. Business owners who use bKash Marchant Account can easily access transaction statements from bKash Business Dashboard.

But for the personal bKash user, it is not easy to find that. Here I’ll tell you how personal bKash account users can get statements for specific times or months.


How to Get bKash Transaction Statement?

To get bKash transaction statements for specific times or months, you have to contact bKash live chat support, or the call center or visit the customer care point. You have to provide proof that you are the owner of that account.

1. Contact bKash Live Chat Support

To get any type of information and help, you can contact bkash live chat support. First, connect with a support agent from live chat and tell him/her that you want your transaction statement for a specific time.

The support agent may ask some questions regarding your bKash account to verify you are the real owner of that account. Provide the required information correctly.

Then specify the exact time span for the statement and provide your email address to receive the pdf statement.


2. Contact the bKash Helpline at 16247 or 0255663001

bKash has 24 hours service in their call center. Bkash call center number 16247 or 0255663001. After calling any of these two numbers you can request to get the statement by giving the required information.

Before you call the helpline, keep Bkash mobile number, NID number, parent’s name, last transactions, or balance information, etc close to you. Because the helpline agent may ask you for this information to verify you are the real owner of bKash account.

Bkash will send you the statement through email, so provide them with your correct email address. bKash will take some 2 or 3 days to send the statement to your mail.

3. Visit the Customer Care Point

Bikash has customer care centers in most of the district cities of Bangladesh. You can collect your transaction statements from any customer point. You can request both hard copy or PDF file from Customer Point.


But definitely carry the necessary documents to confirm your identity. The customer service representative may ask to verify your identity by looking at the NID card.

How can I check bKash transaction history?

To check bKash transaction history, log in to your bKash app with PIN. Then tap on bKash logo from the right top and select the Statement option. You can see your recent bkash transaction history.

Can I delete bKash Transaction History?

No, there is no option to delete your bKash transaction history from bKash App or bKash support center.

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