bKash Personal Retail Account Registration – Benefits and Problems

bKash Personal Retail Account made small business payment easier. Know benefits and problems of bKash PRA, how to open bKash Personal Retail Account online.


bKash has a great service named Personal Retail Account (PRA) for small and online businesses. Under this account, users can collect payments from their customers.

Now, bKash had 4 types of accounts:

  • Personal Account
  • Agent Account, and
  • Marchant Account
  • Personal Retail Account (Newly launched)

What are the facilities of Personal Retail Account (PRA)

Normally, large business owners use Marchant Accounts to collect payments. But small businesses and online businesses can not open a merchant account for not having all the requirements such as (Trade licenses, Tin Certificates, Bank accounts, etc.)

If you are doing a small or online business, you can open a PRA account without Trade License, TIN and Bank account.

Payment Receive

In the personal retail account, you can accept the payment sent by a bKash customer. Any development customer scans the QR of your account, with the payment gateway, your

Send Money to bKash Personal number

From a personal retail account, you can send money to any bKash customer using the send money feature. In this case, certain charges and limits will be applicable.


Cash-out from agents and ATMs

Any personal retail account holder can cash out from any development agent and BRAC Bank and Q-Cash ATM booth if required. Specific charges and limits apply.

Payment facility in other personal retail accounts and  merchant account

Any personal retail account holder will be able to make payments to other personal retail accounts.

Besides, you can also pay in bKash Merchant Plus, Merchant Plus Lite A & B, Medium, Small and Micro accounts. Specific charges and limits apply.

Receive payment from other personal retail accounts and merchant accounts

Any Personal Retail Account Holder can accept payments from other Personal Retail Accounts.


Besides, you can also accept payments from bKash Merchant Plus, Merchant Plus Lite A & B, Medium, Small and Micro accounts. Specific charges and limits apply.

Personal Retail Account  and Bank Account Link Up

The bank account of the account holder can be linked to any personal retail account. And money can be transferred from that personal retail account to a bank account.

This feature will only be available from the Merchant App in the future. For this specific charges and limits are applicable.

API Integration for Payment on App or Website

bKash has confirmed that PRA account users can use this account to accept payment from their Website or App using API. For this, you have to contact directly to bKash through LIVE CHAT or the customer care helpline.


How to Open bKash Personal Retail Account (PRA)

You can register bKash Personal Retail Account with your own. You need to have the following documents:

  • Scanned Copy of National Identity Card
  • A Valid Mobile No (Registered against your National ID Card). The mobile number must not be registered for any Bkash Account before.
  • Proof of ownership of your Mobile SIM Card
  • NID card of the nominee (required if applicable)

Open bKash Personal Retail Account Now

bKash Personal Retail Account Address Verification Process

If you don’t complete your bKash Personal Retail Account Verification, your account remains limited. You can not receive payment of more than 999 taka.

Follow the steps for address verification.

Step 1: PIN Setup

After successful account registration, you have to set up your 5 digit pin within 24 hours. Without PIN setup, your account is not fully activated.

To activate the Mobile menu and set up PIN, follow the steps.

  1. Dial *247#
  2. Reply with 1
  3. Set 5 Digit PIN (should not start with 0)

Step 2: Receive Address Verification Letter from bKash

After activating your account, bKash will immediately issue an address verification letter. The letter will be delivered by E Courier. You will receive an SMS with the parcel ID when the letter was delivered.

Step 3: Verify your Address

When you have received the verification letter from the e-courier. Open the letter and find the verification code.

To verify your address and increase per transaction limit to 2000 taka, Follow the steps below

bKash PRA Address Verification
  1. Visit bKash Address Verification page
  2. Write bKash Personal Account Number
  3. Put Verification code
  4. Select your Date of Birth
  5. Click on Submit (জমা দিন) button

Hopefully, your account will be verified.

bKash Personal Retail Account Problems

While you are trying to open a new bKash personal account, you may face some common problems. Some problems are unknown to bKash helpline too.

Here I will discuss some problems of bKash personal retail account you may face.

1. Registration Problem

After successful application, sometimes bKash personal retail account automatic registration fails. Everything is ok but account registration fails.

I have applied 2 times with 2 separate phone numbers. Each time I found the following problems.

Problem: Account Registration Failed

Reason I discovered: NID number Digit Problem

Our NID card has 13 or 17 digits number. 13 digit for old NID card and 17 for new NID card.

17 digit is formed (Birth Year + 13 Digit Number) = 17 digit.

Why the problem occurs

If your SIM card is registered under 17 digits, but you gave 13 digits NID for bKash PRA Account registration, automatic registration fails.

Normally SIM cards are registered with 17 digits. So, you reapply with 17 digit NID number.

bKash Personal Retail Account Charges

Transaction typePersonal Retail Account fees
Receive payment from customersFree
Receive Merchant Payment Personal Retail to Personal Retail Merchant to Personal RetailFree
Merchant Payment Personal Retail to Personal Retail Personal Retail to Merchant (Plus, Lite, and retail)0.20%
Send money Personal Retail to Customer5 Taka
Agent Cash Out Cashback will be disbursed on the next working day Cashback will be only applicable if the PRA receives a customer payment of 5,000 Taka or more in a month.Free (up to 5,000 Taka) 1.85% (afterwards)
ATM Cash-Out Cashback will be disbursed on the next working day Cashback will be only applicable if the PRA receives a customer payment of 5,000 Taka or more in a month.Free (up to 5,000 Taka) 1.50% (afterwards)
Personal Retail to Bank Account (next phase)1.3%

bKash Personal Retail Account Limit

Normally PRA account is of 2 type, Offline Retail Account and Online Retail Account. Before address verification, you account remains offline PRA Account. When you complete address verification, your account becomes online PRA account.

  • Offline PRA account: Per Transaction up to 999 Taka
  • Online PRA account: Per Transaction up to 2000 Taka

Further Asked Questions

Q: What is bKash Personal Retail Account?

A: Personal Retail Account (PRA) is a new of type of account for small business owners / Merchants. Small businesses operating retail businesses, e-commerce, and F-commerce can collect payment from their customers from Payment Option. They can also collect payment with app or website through using API.

Q: What is the limit of bKash Personal Account?

There are 2 types of PRA account offline account (without address verification) and Online PRA Account (after address verification). See the limit of both accounts- bKash Personal Retail Account Limit

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