Undistributed NID Card Delivery Online

Have your registered for National ID card (NID) but not received your NID card? You can easily download your undistributed NID card Bangladesh from online.

In 2020, Bangladesh Election Commission started delivering NID card from online for Coronavirus situation. It has been a great facility to the citizens of Bangladesh.

Thus, you can collect your Bangladesh National ID card from any country. (But, Mobile Verification requires Bangladeshi Phone Number. You can do it by your Bangladeshi family member easily)

What you need to Collect Undistributed NID Card

You need only Voter Registration Slip Number, Date of Birth and know your present and permanent address.

NID or Voter registration slip is the small piece of paper which was provided by Election Commission office. On the right top of the paper, find the black printed Number.

How to Collect or Download NID Card

If you have the Slip number, you can download your NID card from online. Follow the instruction to collect your undistributed NID card.

  • Register Account in NID Application System with your Slip / Form Number / NID or Smart Card Number
  • Verify your face
  • Download your ID card

See the step by step process NID Card Download Bangladesh

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When undistributed NID card will be delivered?

Ans: Election commission will only deliver Smart NID card on schedule. If you need a temporary laminated NID card, you can download it from online.

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