How to Change NID Address | NID Card Correction

Want to change your NID address? I’ll show every step to change address in NID Card. You can change your House no and post office only from online.

But you need to submit NID Address Change Form physically to change present address, permanent address or voter area.

Many of us do our national id card registration outside our home area for urgent reason. Besides, we may change our present location for transfer or shifting reasons. So, we need to change our present or permanent address in our ID card.

How to Change NID Address

NID Card Address Change Online

From online you can only change your house no, post office and post code (Location Change). You can not change any more option from online.

How to Change NID Address

If you need to change full address and voter area, you have to apply directly in Election Office with NID address change form.

Here, I’ll show how to do everything. Lets start.

You have only following 5 steps to change NID address online.

  1. Registration in NID Website
  2. Change your address as your Online Birth Registration or Utility Bill copy or Nationality Certificate.
  3. Pay you NID Fee
  4. Upload documents and submit application.

Step 1: Registration in NID Website

At first you have to register your account in National Identity Wing. For this you need to know your nid or smart card number, date of birth, present and permanent address Upazila.

You also need to verify your face with Selfie.

Step 2: NID Location Change

Now login to NID website with you NID/ Smart Card number. Click on address (ঠিকানা)

Then Click on address (ঠিকানা) and Edit Button. You will see option to edit the field. See the picture below.

Click on Tick button with Present Address, edit your house number, post office and post code. After then click on Next (পরবর্তী) button.

See the changes you made. If everything is ok, click next again. Then you have to pay NID Fees.

Step 3: Pay NID Fees

Now you have to pay NID information change fee (230 Taka) through bKash, Rocket or any other mobile banking.

See how to pay NID Fee

Step 4: Upload Your Documents and Submit Application

At last, you need to submit necessary document/documents for new address proof. Follow the steps bellow.

  1. Select documents category and type
  2. Upload the documents
  3. Click Submit (সাবমিট) Button to Submit the application.

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