How to Pay A Challan BD (Automated Challan) Online in Bangladesh

Once Challan was paid waiting in a line on the bank counter. It was a waste of time for the citizens. The transaction was not saved with the identification of depositor. That is why, it is difficult to verify and automate the revenue system.

From this month, on 1 September Bangladesh Government Finance Division has started Automated Challan System (A Challan)

Now, a citizen can pay government fee vat and tax through A-Challan from online. He or she don’t have to wait in the long line of bank counter.

এই পোস্টটি বাংলায় পড়ুন- ঘরে বসে অনলাইনে এ চালান জমা দেয়ার নিয়ম

A Challan Transaction Time

At present, A challan transaction time is set from 10am to 4pm as the system is very new. But soon it will be 24/7 available.

How to Pay A Challan through Online Banking and Visa Card

Currently, you can pay A Challan payment with only Rocket Mobile Banking and Sonali Bank and Duch Bangla Bank Online Payment Gateway. Besides you can pay with Visa card using Sonali Bank Payment gateway.

Pay Passport Fee by A challan from Computer

Here I’ll show how to pay e-passport fee using computer. Let’s follow the steps for payment.

Steps 1: Open chrome browser and visit A Challan (Automated Challan System) from here. You will see the following page.

How to Pay A-Challan

Step 2: Select E Passport Fee from Passport Option.

how to pay a challan online


Step 3: Select your passport and delivery type. Select if your passport is 48 pages or 64 pages or 5 years or 10 years. Then click OK.

a challan payment process

Step 4: Now input the NID number and date of birth of the person on whose behalf A Challan will be paid. Then click on Check NID. If it’s ok, put the mobile number of the person.

Then select the payment option from the payment details and enter the total amount.

To make a payment through Online Banking or Visa Card, select Online Banking. Then select SONALI BANK LTD to make payment with Visa card of any bank.

Then enter the total amount and click the Add button. Here it will show the total amount payable.

Step 5: Now click on Save button. You will be taken to Sonali Bank’s payment gateway website.

Step 7: From here select Account or Visa Card option and make payment.

If you can’t get a print copy of the invoice, there’s no reason to worry. You can get a print copy of the invoice from the Automated Challan Verification page with the invoice number.

a challan verification

If you can’t even get the invoice number, you can collect your invoice number and payment slip by contacting Sonali Bank Payment Gateway’s Facebook Support Group SPG Support Group.

Pay A Challan Online from Dutch Bangla Nexus Debit Card

You can also pay A Challan using Dutch Bangla Bank Nexus Debit Card.

See how to do it.

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