How to cancel railway train ticket online in Bangladesh

Want to cancel railway train ticket? Let’s know how to cancel train ticket online and online train ticket return policy in detail.

We almost buy the train ticket in advance before boarding the train. But many times it is seen that for some reason our trip is cancelled. In that case, we may want to cancel the train ticket.

Unfortunately, you can not cancel your train ticket online at this time. But we can hope, this feature will be available soon. Now you can cancel your train ticket by visiting the ticket counter only.

Here, I’ll write how to return a train ticket in Bangladesh. Let’s know more in detail.

Online train ticket return policy Bangladesh

At present, you can return online or offline e-tickets to the station counter only. There is a ticket return policy.

In Bangladesh, the process for returning e-tickets or online tickets has changed a bit.

If the ticket was returned 5 days before the previous trip, the total price of the ticket could be refunded. But this time has now been changed to 2 days or 48 hours and a minimum of 6 hours.

Ticket Cancellation Charge

However, a service charge will be deducted for a refund in these cases.

Time of ReturnCharge to be deducted
Before 48 hoursAC Class- 40 Taka
1st Class- 30 Taka
Other Class- 25 Taka
Before 24 hours25% of Fare
Before 12 hours50% of Fare
Before 6 hours75% of Fare
Less than 6 hoursCancellation is not applicable
Train Ticket Cancellation Charge

How to return online train ticket bd

To return your online ticket/ e-ticket or counter ticket, purchased from the counter, you have to visit the station counter. You can return a train ticket at least 6 hours before the train leaves. Ask the responsible person that you want to cancel the ticket. He will deduct the ticket cancellation charge (depends on time) and return you the remaining money.

How to cancel a train ticket online

Currently, there is no system to return train tickets online in Bangladesh. You must go to the station counter to return the ticket.

Bangladesh railway is preparing to accept ticket cancellation requests online. Whenever the feature is launched, you can request to return/ cancel your purchased tickets online.

We’ll have updated this post by sharing how to return Bangladesh railway tickets online just the feature is available.

It is seen that we are buying tickets online from far away. In that case, it is impossible to go to the station to cancel the ticket and it is not financially profitable.

So if there was a system to return tickets online, there would be a lot of benefits that need not be said. Although there is an opportunity to return the train ticket. For many, it will be a tedious, time-consuming and unprofitable job.

For those who are buying train tickets online from a distance, there is no point in wasting precious time and returning the ticket to the station.

So it is necessary to add the facility of returning tickets online from the online profile. Even then those who will return the ticket, hopefully, will be benefited by learning about the above rules and charges.


Canceling train tickets at the counter will be never possible and reasonable for those who book train tickets online.

By the way, you can return your ticket from the station counter if you have time and the station is not so far.

FAQ about Bangladesh Railway Train Tickets

How can I cancel my train ticket online?

Currently, there is no method/option to cancel train tickets online. You must go to the station counter to return or cancel the ticket.

How to return an online train ticket?

You can return an online or offline counter ticket at least 6 hours before the train leaves. To return a train ticket you have to visit the ticket counter and request for ticket cancellation.

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